Herzlich Willkommen bei Taiko Zürich

Taiko, die japanische Trommelkunst, stellt eine Harmonie zwischen roher Kraft, einem fokussierten Geist und einer geschliffenen Technik dar.

Wir bieten verschiedene Taiko Kurse und Workshops in den Städten Zürich und Fribourg an, mit der Philosophie, dass Taiko alle Altersklassen und Niveaus begeistern kann. Unsere Trainings sind eine Verbindung aus mitreissenden Rhythmen und kraftvollen Bewegungen unter vollem Körpereinsatz. Taiko Zürich durfte bereits an mehreren hochkarätigen Veranstaltungen in der ganzen Schweiz ihr Können unter Beweis stellen, und überzeugte mit kraftvollen und inspirierenden Auftritten.
Wir möchten unsere Freude und Leidenschaft für Taiko mit anderen in der Schweiz teilen. Aus diesem Grund auch veranstalten wir ein Taiko Festival alle zwei Jahre.


Züri Daiko @ Marchethon CF

We will be drumming to motivate all the walkers and runners in Fribourg and Bern Marchethons on Saturday 28.11.2017.
You'll hear us 10:45-11:45 on Chemin de Touvent, Givisiez and 14:30-16:30 on Bremgartenstrasse, Bern.

Every year Marchethons are held throughout Switzerland to raise awareness and funds for cystic fibrosis research.
Please come donate and show your support!

Vor 4 Monaten , 3 Wochen gepostet

A new and exciting taiko season is about to begin! Everything is ready: the bachi are sanded, the taiko are shined, and the giant dojo koi is waiting. :D
We are looking forward to seeing many new and familiar faces at the first training tomorrow!
See you there?

Vor 6 Monaten , 2 Wochen gepostet

Before and after!
We have a brand new shumoku for our concert in Schule Apfelbaum at 19:30 tonight!
See you there?

Vor 8 Monaten , 4 Wochen gepostet

Bon Odori at the Japanese School Zurich Sports Day was so lovely! I accompanied the dancers with bon daiko drumming for the school children's enjoyment. They were so cute and even joined in dancing for the final song.

Vor 9 Monaten , 2 Wochen gepostet

Züri Daiko @ Jesuitenkirche Luzern

In addition to our normal repertoire, our taiko concert will include a modern piece in collaboration with lead organist, Mutsumi Ueno. The concert will begin at 19:30 and is open to the public and donations. The event flyer with a detailed programme description is here: https://goo.gl/LCSTpF

We hope to see many of you there!

Vor 9 Monaten , 3 Wochen gepostet

We were very fortunate to have Karen Young as a guest teacher at our dojo this week.
Apart from leading two fantastic "Unleashing Your Inner Genki" workshops, Karen also shared her passion for community building, inspiring creativity, and fostering self appreciation and confidence. Thank you so much for visiting us, Karen!

Vor 9 Monaten , 3 Wochen gepostet

A job well done to today's enthusiastic workshop participants!
A big thank you to Mirjam Senn and the Zürcher Kantonalverband für Sport for their support in organizing this event. It was a pleasure to host you all.

Vor 10 Monaten , 1 Woche gepostet

Congratulations to all the runners of this year's SOLA!
Sorry we could not be at the finish line for you this year due to rain - we were with you in spirit. As always, it was an honour and a blast to play for the restart runners at Irchelpark.
See you next time!

Vor 10 Monaten , 1 Woche gepostet

Züri Daiko @ SOLA Stafette

Züri Daiko sorgt beim Zieleinlauf für tolle Stimmung!
Kurz vor dem Zieleinlauf machen wir euch Beine und feuern euch zu einem tollen Schlussspurt an. Geniesst die Auftritte am 6. Mai ab 12:00 Uhr beim Restart und ab 17:00 Uhr nahe der Ziellinie im Irchelpark SOLA-Dörfli.

Vor 1 Jahr gepostet

We have many lasting and fond memories of Eiichi Saito and Eri Uchida's visits to our dojos in Zurich and Fribourg on their whirlwind European tour. Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey and for sharing your knowledge and love of wadaiko with us. The taiko community here is grateful to have played with you!

Thanks again to all those taiko players who came together from all over Switzerland and even Germany and made new profound connections through wadaiko.

Vor 1 Jahr gepostet

Züri Daiko @ le Valais

We are honoured to be invited to perform for the participants and guests at the 25th Anniversary of Karaté Club Okinawa Savièse!

Place: Halle des Fêtes, Rue du Stade 25, 1965 Savièse
Time: Sa. 25.03.2017 at 15:50, 17:50 & 20:30

Vor 1 Jahr, 1 Monat gepostet

2016 has been an interesting year for all of us!
Complete with taiko, shamisen, an apero, karaoke and a movie, here are some impressions of our annual bōnenkai, where we said good bye to the last year together in celebration.
Best wishes to you all for 2017!

Vor 1 Jahr, 3 Monaten gepostet

Züri Daiko @ JapAniManga Night

We are please to share a weekend of taiko with the enthusiastic participants of JAN once again. Please join us for our:
- collaborative concert with shamisen group Ko-KIRAKU Schweiz, Saturday 13:30-14:30 (Main Stage)
- taiko workshop, Sunday 10:00-11:00 (WS Room 4)
- taiko concert, Sunday 12:30-13:00 (Main Stage)

Vor 1 Jahr, 10 Monaten gepostet

Züri Daiko @ SOLA Stafette

Braucht ihr mehr Motivation, die SOLA zu laufen?
Züri Daiko macht euch wieder Beine! Geniesst die Auftritte am 21. Mai ab 12:00h beim Restart und ab 17:00h nah der Ziellinie im Irchelpark SOLA-Dörfli.

Vor 1 Jahr, 10 Monaten gepostet

Yesterday we had a very exciting visitor. Shogo Yoshii, a talented solo taiko artist, came by our dojo before his rehearsal on Sunday.
We were very touched by his visit and looking forward to the next one!

His musical accompaniment is featured in the dance production "Fractus", with showtimes on:
21.4. Bern
23,24.4. Basel
27.4. Annemasse
29.4. Mezieres
30.4. Wien
3.5. Darmstadt

Vor 1 Jahr, 11 Monaten gepostet

I don't know what's cooler: the fact that there we have a shamisen group, Ko-KIRAKU Schweiz, right here in Zurich, or that we are collaborating together for JapAniManga Night 2016! ^_^

Vor 2 Jahren gepostet

Züri Daiko @ Solidarität Benefizkonzert

Sushi-Nacht und Benefizkonzert für die vom Tsunami-Unglück betroffenen Menschen in Ostjapan.

Ort: Kirche Bruder Klaus, Milchbuckstrasse 73, 8057 Zürich
Zeit: Sa. 12.3.2016, 18:30 - 21 , Taiko Konzert ab 18:55

Vor 2 Jahren gepostet

We were very honoured to welcome Eri Uchida and Mio Teycheney-Takashiro of Kodo 鼓童 to our new taiko dojo today! While in Europe for the One Earth Tour 2016 "Mystery", Eri-san generously offered an inspiring and challenging workshop for our students. We are very grateful and looking forward to seeing you on stage in Lucerne! ありがとうございました!

Vor 2 Jahren gepostet

The grand opening of our new taiko dojo was accompanied by large smiles, loud kakegoe, and intense uchikomi. Keep up the energy level, while continuing to improve and learn this semester!
Ganbarimashou! 頑張りましょう!Let's do our best!

Vor 2 Jahren , 1 Monat gepostet

Happy students after a very energetic taiko intro course.
Rest your arms well and we will see most of you next week for regular training!

Vor 2 Jahren , 1 Monat gepostet